About Me

A copywriter, marketing content planner, social media strategist and official iced tea addict, I help businesses tell their story.

I’ve worked with a variety of industries from dental to fitness to deliver one common goal: new clients + more revenue. From direct mail to landing pages to building a custom content marketing plan, it comes down to connecting with people. And it starts with words.

My strategy: 80% story, 20% selling (with a hint of creative awesomeness).

I don’t need to shout that you will be extremely satisfied with my ability to convey your company’s message and brand image if you contact me or that I increased close rates by 20% with a stellar B2B email campaign. That would be overkill, right?

Your business doesn’t have to shout about your product either.

Instead, I’ll tell you about how my love for cake is contagious, I’d drive an hour to eat at a good restaurant, a labradoodle named Hope stole my heart, smelling the ocean is my therapy and my writing gets noticed.

I write words. Words make people take action. Your move.

Some one smart once said, “I don’t always need words, but when I do — I prefer Copywriter Chic.”

Contact me at  jessicadaguiar@yahoo.com